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Paradies 3D Terrain, NOW with LEDs, let's you quickly build soaring towers with stackable shells, 3D ramps and ... it's electric!

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If Any Dispute Arises Between You And Us, Then You Agree That The Dispute Will Be Subject Solely And Exclusively To Binding Arbitration Before A Single Arbitrator Under The Rules Of The American Arbitration Association. The Location Of The Arbitration Shall Be Tampa, Florida, Shall Be Expedited And Based On Documents, Alone, And May Not Include Live Witnesses, Unless Requested By The Arbitator, And The Decision Of The Single Arbitrator Shall Be Final And Binding Upon All Parties To The Arbitration. The Parties Shall Split The Costs Of Arbitration Equally. Failure To Pay Your Share Of Arbitration Or To Abide By The Rulings Of The Arbitrator Will Result In Your Immediate Default And Could Result In A Judgment Against You For Your Share Of The Arbitration And Other Costs, Such As Our Attorneys Fees And Costs.
We are not liable for any claims arising from failure to perform the Services due to unforeseen circumstances or events, such as denial of service attacks, Internet outages, power outages, war, revolutions, terror attacks, natural disasters, riots, criminal activity, disaster or government actions.
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