Paradies™ LED Wall Insert

Paradies™ LED Wall Insert


Wall insert for Skewertech shells including LED, diffuser, switch, CR2032 battery.

Easily add this illuminated wall into any Skewertech™ shell to add internal and external lights to your terrain. The LED wall includes a CR2032 battery, switch, double-sided diffuser and LED. Simply slip the insert into the slots provided in each Skewertech™ shell, provided there is not already a 3D ramp inserted in the shell. An alternative ramp is provided, also, in case you want both the LED wall and a ramp in the same shell. So feel free to put an LED wall in every shell. (Use of adhesive or blue tack is recommended for adhering the alternative ramp to the LED wall.

(Skewertech shells sold separately. For use with Paradies™ terrain. Transparency signs not included. Any transparent paint or film may be used to turn the light wall into an illuminated sign.)

Weight8 oz
Dimensions5 × 5 × 5 in


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