Paradies electric roof vent

Paradies electric roof vent


Electric roof vent works with Paradies 3D terrain for deadzone, kill team, necromunda and infiniti. Add LED illuminated electric fan in a working, hinged hatchway using our SkewerTech ™ locking pins to make assembly, disassembly, storage and reassembly a breeze. Electric roof vents are perfect for adding a spark to a top floor of a tower.


  • Rooftop vent structure and terminal (for interactive terrain)
  • working, hinged hatchway
  • working electric fan with LEDs
  • 9V battery

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This roof vent has a working fan and the fan is attached to a hatch that opens. For deadzones, it can be used as interactive terrain by allowing the terminal to be hacked (any mini gets 1 8-sided die on 8+, engineer ability gets 1 die on 6+, hacker ability gets 2 die on 6+) Successfully hacking the terminal gives shield(1) to any occupants of the cube. The electric roof vent fits any shell from any of the Paradies terrain boosters.

Electric roof vent includes:

  • plastic terminal and roof
  • working hatch
  • electric fan with LEDs
  • 9V battery


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