Skewertech™  terrain means more fun! 

Skewertech™  terrain is quick to build & sturdy (without glue) 

Going vertical is no problem!

Skewertech™  terrain enhances your gaming experience:

Drop-in Ramps

Our drop-in ramps fit into any of our 3-inch cubic, stackable shells, which all have working hatches. That provides unparalleled mobility. 

Working Hatches

Don't fight over hatch(x) rules! Incorporate Skewertech hatches and ramps into your game for moving directly above and below, even with bikes and vehicles.


Skewertech Bases


Build sturdy 3D terrain in minutes with Skewertech assemblies. Order a la carte, kits or STL files. It's modular. Add windows, LED signs, bridges, interactive storefronts....    whatever!

It all works great in real game play, too,  allowing board creators an easy way to build terrain that balances distance shooting and close up assaults.

Access 3D printable terrain with .stl files...

  • Towers with working hatchways
  • Drop-in ramps fitting inside a 3"x3"x3" cube
  • Bridges & catwalks connect on multiple levels
  • Unparalleled 3D maneuverability...

                                                 ...even for vehicles.

Don't have a 3D printer. No problemo!

Order a la carte or in convenient kits.

Give new life to your Necromunda, Infinity, Kill Team & Deadzone favorites with terrain that brings out the best in every model. Multi-level maneuverability.  Great LOS!

Go beyond 2D battles!

New LEDs!

We're constantly innovating with new Skewertech LED terrain to light up your battlescapes with pre-made, drop-in LED billboards. It makes it super simple to light it up!

It's the Vegas strip and Time Square...    

  some galaxy far far away!

Transparent Windows!

LEDs and transparent windows work great together to create realistic battlescapes with more visibility through buildings providing better line of sight (LOS) for shooting while giving plenty of cover to avoid nasty clear shots. 

It would help if we had time to paint our terrain, but even without, Skewertech terrain looks fabulous!


Skewertech Windows