Paradies™ terrain

Get terrain that takes your gaming to another level. Paradies™ 3D terrain and LED terrain offers innovation missing from your tabletop, like LED storefronts, working hatches, 3D ramps and skewer tech quick connects that makes it fun to design, build and play with towering structures that are interconnected at multiple levels with bridges and catwalks. Skewer tech reduces build times and allows for modular structures that are easy to move in one piece, making it quick and easy to assemble and disassemble your game, wherever you play! 

Drag to Reposition
Move Up or Down to Reposition
Move Left or Right to Reposition

Assembly Instructions

LED Storefronts

LED storefronts are easy to assemble. LED walls just drop into the slots provided in each shell. LED signs press in and press out by pushing at the top front of the sign. Be careful not to push out from the bottom, which could damage the LED wires. Angle the top out first, or remove the battery case and LED first. 

The battery case has a switch that turns the LED on and off. Removing the battery case is the easiest way to change the CR2032 battery, which will last more than one day of continuous use and will light up many games, if the LED is switched off between games.

stackable shells
drop in ramps

Shells & Skewer Tech

Shells are easily stackable one on top of the other. For additional sturdiness, skewers may be directed down channels in two corners of the shells that are made for that purpose, although it's usually not necessary. In addition, bridges and catwalks may be used for joining towers together, as shown in this image. 

Skewer tech quickly connects assemblies of shells, bridges and catwalks, making the entire assembly or sub-assemblies very sturdy and capable of being moved from place to place.

Any of the shells may include a drop in 3D ramp, using the drop-in wall support and 3D ramp, making it easy for vehicles to move up to roadways. Using an adhesive or blue tack between the ramp and the wall improves rigidity of the ramp, which allows smaller models to hide by moving part-way up a ramp, using positioning posts conveniently provided on the ramps.

Top floors fit onto the top shells and may include a working, hinged hatch. Hinged hatches may be added to every rooftop and shell, allowing models to move directly up and down through the hatchways to access every floor of a tower.