Paradies™  games innovative 3D terrain makes tabletop gaming more fun! 

Order Paradies™  3D terrain by the kit or build your own kit, piece by piece.

Our terrain makes gaming more fun by providing multilevel mobility and towering structures easy to build, using our new skewer tech. 

(*DISCLAIMER: Deadzone® is a trademark of Mantic Entertainment Limited. Any use of 'deadzone' is descriptive to identify how our terrain is used. Adepticon is a trademark of AWC, Inc. Paradies Games is a family business and has no affiliation with Mantic Entertainment Limited or AWC, Inc. Our stackable shells quickly create 3" cubic battlescapes useful for building your own 3D battlescapes for skirmish games that benefit from our 3"x3"x3" cubic, modular terrain that interlocks with skewers. 

Going vertical is no longer a problem!

Building 3D terrain just got easier with our skewertech™ system.

We pin everything together with our 3-inch stackable shells, bridges, catwalks... 

Make sturdy subassemblies or interconnect everything. You'll be able to pick up and move the entire structure. That's how well Skewertech assemblies hold together. Stack it as high as you want.

Watch our quick assembly instructions to learn more.  

Towers, Ramps, Bridges, Catwalks... for unparalleled maneuverability, even for vehicles.

Drop-in spiral ramps can give all your minis access to the top floors of towers, elevated roadways and even sturdy catwalks.

Hatches in every floor provide access up and down structures for your size 1 and 2 models.

Bridges and catwalks can provide pathways between buildings at multiple levels creating a truly 3D experience. That's because our Skewertech system makes everything sturdy, even for oversized models. (I'm lookng at you... Spectra).

Give new life to your Necromunda, Infinity, Kill Team & Deadzone favorites with terrain that brings out the best in every model.

You're no longer stuck with 2D battles!

Paradies™ terrain opens up more avenues for creative use of models that you once thought were nerfed. 

Drop-in ramps easily fit inside any of our shells, which makes designing 3D structures super easy. Put ramps wherever you want!

Models that prefer close combat will appreciate cover offered by occupying building interiors. Snipers will like occupying rooftops. Vehicles will appreciate the mobility offered by ramps, elevated roadways and catwalks. 

Our 3D terrain brings out the best in all your models, opening up creative lists that just aren't feasible with conventional 2D terrain.

Paradies 3D terrain enhances your gaming experience:

Drop-in Ramps

Our drop-in ramps fit into any of our 3-inch cubic, stackable shells, which all have working hatches. That provides unparalleled mobility. 

Working Hatches

Don't fight over hatch(x) rules! Just incorporate our working hatches into your game. Fighters use our hatches to access floors above and below.


Build sturdy 3D terrain in minutes with our Skewertech system. It's modular. So add windows, storefronts, illuminated signs, bridges....    whatever!

Okay, but how does it work in real gameplay?

Click to play

New LED Storefronts!

Light up your terrain with LEDs

Shop signs look better when lit up!

Our new 3D LED booster includes two LED storefronts, or you can buy LEDs separately. You can even integrate our LEDs into your existing Mantic terrain! 

LED Storefronts: Make your own transparencies with your color printer or use the included transparencies. It's easy.

LED walls: Turn on your terrain with walls that light up!


Add a kitchen!

Scavenging for a living builds an appetite. Why not give your fighters a treat?

Our kitchens have working fans with LEDs that let every hungry fighter know where to find a hotdog or noodles.

Everybody will want to spend a few credits, when the action dies down, to get some hot chow.